About Us

Next Door Nursery, the family-owned, neighborhood nursery serving healthy plants to Houston,Tx.

Ecologically Focused

We are one of the few nurseries in town focused on bringing back native plants of the disappearing Gulf Coast Prairie.

We care deeply about the health of our community and environment by adopting sustainable farming practices and growing plants that have been evolving with our climate and supporting local wildlife for thousands of years.

Food plants for Houston

Houston is known for its wild weather so it's important to have plants that can withstand these conditions. We draw on our own experience, as well as the experience of other local farmers and gardeners, to provide the best varieties that are disease resistant, heat tolerant, and best suited for the south.

Know your Growers

Born and raised in Houston, Blas and Victoria have spent over 10 years establishing, maintaining, and supporting school gardens, community gardens, and private gardens around Houston, with the goal of leaving it a better place for their son, little Blas.